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amazing to see such religious fervour in people in this day and age. thanks for posting this series Sidney; amazing work.


Ouchie. I can't even look long enough at these shots. But yes, educating all the same.


Oh... sorry I mixed up... Malaysian is the other blog I was browsing... I ment Philipinnes... :s


I couldn't have done these shots! But let me tell you that artistically they are THE BEST I've seen! ;)

I'm from Portugal, here there's nothing like that... but here right next to us in Spain there's some similar activities... my mum always wants to go there in Easter time to see it... but she knows how paniced I get just to look at this so we never actually went...

These Malaysian images I've seen a long years ago on the news... they usually broadcasted it every Easter and as I was a kid I used to get really shocked!


How did you feel while taking the pictures ?
I don't know how I would have reacted to be honest. It seems to be a real torture.

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